Words Of Praise

Words Of Praise

What is there to say that hasn’t been said?
What is there to read that hasn’t been read?
Insightful wise words that were lifted on high,
by scholars and thinkers much greater than I.

I struggle to find worthy words not yet spoken;
to thank You for giving Yourself to be broken;
You hung on that cross till the bitter end came,
and never once uttered complaints or laid blame.

What You gave was more precious than anyone knew;
Your mission on earth was just known to a few;
despite being guiltless and totally pure,
You knew that Your death was the only sure cure.

What adequate phrase can I bring to mind?
What meaningful thought can I find?
I scarce can think of else to say,
these words will have to do;
My sweet and precious worthy GOD,
I truly do Love You.

C.C. © July 8, 2003

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