If you were given just one word
to place on your final marker,
Would if reflect good times in life
or would it be much darker?

If seemingly you’re put upon
and given much to bear,
Possibly the word you’d place
would be the word “UNFAIR”.

You may wonder of the burdens
that indeed upon you lie
You may select another word,
and that word may be “WHY”.

GOD has said HE’D never give us
more than we can bear.
Someday we’ll know HE was with us
during our despair.

It’s difficult to stand erect
and “head on” meet your fears.
Sometime it feels like your own prayers
are falling on deaf ears.

GOD knows of your struggles,
your perseverance is endearing.
Be persistent in your prayers;
GOD’S not hard of hearing.

You may grow weary doing well
and think it’s all for no good reason.
It’s also written in The Book
You’ll be rewarded… in good season.

GOD’S aware of all our trials
and the many troubles that we face.
One day we’ll all have righteous joy
that nothing will replace.

I ponder multitudes of words
that race on through my mind.
There’s several of them that apply
but “one” word I must find.

I’m thankful for my time on earth
and when my life here is done,
“GRATEFUL” is the word I’d choose
if I had to choose just “one”.

I’m grateful that I’LL be with HIM
when all is done and said.
I’m grateful my name’s in the Book of Life…
that will be read.

A flood of words then come to mind,
it’s hard to choose just “one”.
That HE would love me as HIS own
and sacrifice HIS SON.

Another single word applies
that could be placed in stone.
If it were chiseled on the marker…
and it stood alone.

If I could not use GRATEFUL
as my one word ..I’m driven..
The other word that says it all
would be the word FORGIVEN.

©CC: October 15, 2006

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