Stay Out Of The Way

Stay Out Of The Way

When you see someone dear to you
going through great pain…
You may feel your word’s required,
I caution you… refrain.
Sometimes it’s wiser to be silent
thing’s obvious left unsaid.
Don’t say something to cause more tears…
something you may dread.

We all tend to give advice
on just what “they” should do.
It’s quite easy to be brave,
when it’s not happening to “you”.
Don’t venture your “opinion”…
just encourage when you can.
Whatever GOD is doing,
it’s all because of HIS own plan.

You’ve heard it said,
“some things just go without saying”.
I say to you, they move much quicker
when and if you’re praying.
I’m convinced I have delayed
HIS answer when I pray.
We must learn to step aside…
our GOD will have HIS way.

GOD sees our every problem…
and HE knows how they will end.
We must have faith that HE is for us,
and truly is our friend.
I must remember WHO’s in charge,
and just WHO’s life it is.
I must seek to be obedient,
if I’m to claim I’m truly HIS.

Resist the urge to gain control
and have things my own way.
I complicate and mess things up…
“then” I kneel to pray.
I’m grateful for a SAVIOUR
that forgives my every sin.
HE cleanses me from all my stains
and lets me start again.

It’s difficult to keep in mind…
that HE is in control.
It’s HIM that has the final word
on where I’ll have my soul.
GOD alone will call the plays…
HE makes the final cut.
I just pray someday I’ll learn…
to keep my big mouth shut.

C.C. © March 11, 2006

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