Assurance From You

Assurance From You

I need your assurance LORD…
I feel like I’ve been drifting.
My focus sometimes wanders,
and my thoughts I have been sifting.

I read my Bible … and I pray…
sometimes I make connection.
But I need YOU to tell me LORD…
I need YOUR direction.

How do I maintain focus,
while I’m living in this world?
How do I quell my anger,
when insults have been hurled?

It seems like I am put upon…
to endure the T.V. trash.
I’ve noticed that the secular,
all do the “Christian bash.”

I know that in the Bible,
we’ve been told to turn our cheek.
But when I feel a moral slap…
I have problems being meek.

The fleshly part of my whole being,
rebels at being squeezed.
It seems like when I’m troubled
some are almost pleased.

The schools have said, “don’t speak of JESUS”
and we shouldn’t pray.
Yet Buddha, Zen, and Muslims,
and some others are O.K.

They’ve ruled YOUR Ten Commandments,
shouldn’t be displayed.
Yet they permit vile, carnal statues
and have them all arrayed.

The buildings in our Nations Capitol
have references to YOU.
Yet they ignore the scriptures there,
and slander YOUR NAME too.

Our currencies and coins denote
the words, IN GOD WE TRUST.
But this nation now has turned from YOU;
it’s governed by their lust.

We will suffer persecution…
this YOU state in YOUR WORD.
It hasn’t got that bad here yet…
at least that’s what I’ve heard.

I felt contempt from others,
when in “public” I’ve said Grace.
I’m sure the folks nearby
would have me sit some other place.

How did it come this far my LORD?
Can’t they see that YOU are real?
Instead of keeping to themselves,
I pray they feel … what “we” all feel.

You’ve told us we should tell of YOU,
yet they turn a deaf ear.
If they refuse to come to YOU,
then I fear they’ll be left here.

Despite the firm resistance,
to the Gospel when it’s preached…
I think we can convince them…
many others can be reached.

Please give me strength my precious LORD.
“I” need your assurance.
Please give me words that I should speak
and build-up my endurance.

C.C. ©April 3, 2006

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