Trust HIM!

Trust HIM!

When in life did you give up .. and waited for the worst?..
While you spent time waiting .. did you think.. to try GOD first?
Most of us have had some problems .. some we couldn’t solve..
All of us experience testings.. of our own resolve..

Circumstances put upon us .. most are unexpected..
If advice is given .. it’s ignored or it’s rejected..
Some of us just “ tough it out “ .. ready for the fight..
Other times we’re at a loss .. and may consider flight..

Whichever path selected .. or you choose to take..
You’ll deal with the cost that comes .. of decisions that you make..
There’s no iron clad guarantee .. that things will turn out well..
You’ll just have to “wait it out “ .. only time will tell..

Decisions made will prove to be.. in error, or correct..
There’s seldom time to alter courses .. or to redirect..
Final thoughts in all these things .. is for sure a must..
GOD’S aware of ALL your trials .. in HIM we should trust..

CC: May 26, 2011

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