Once again I’m sitting here .. waiting for a clue ..
Hoping that YOU’LL give to me .. another poem of YOU ..
It’s not easy to assemble.. all the blessings I’ve received ..
Starting with the most important .. when I first had believed ..

Salvation through LORD JESUS CHRIST .. surely number one ..
My life changed dramatically .. when I met YOUR SON ..
I at once had grasped that all my life.. I toiled with sin ..
And that YOU forgave them all .. when YOU let me “in” ..

The pardon that you offered me .. I know is underserved
To give YOUR life a ransom .. all mankind then served..
The sacrifice you made for us .. salvation was assured ..
The point of pain upon your death .. YOU alone endured ..

When I think of “all” YOU’VE done .. to deal with our demise..
To “not” appreciate YOUR love .. is totally unwise ..
We can never adequately .. thank YOU .. for your loss ..
YOU have paid our sinful debt .. by dying on a cross ..

Contemplation.. best defined .. continued full attention ..
Realizing my life’s blessings by YOUR intervention ..
I’ll attempt to stay the course .. and choose an honest path..
Grateful that because of you.. I’ll avoid YOUR wrath ..

When the time I’ve breathed my last .. and meeting YOU is due ..
I’m in hope that YOU’LL remember .. and mercy will ensue..
Anticipating that great meeting.. grants a soothing peace ..
Leaving all the cares behind .. troubles then will cease ..

I began this page two thousand six .. and now It’s finally finished..
The barriers I’ve encountered .. YOU have now diminished ..
I know the route that I should go .. YOUR blessings now procured ..
Contemplating that in YOUR time.. they will be secured.

2006 (Start)
2013 (Latest and Ongoing)

CC 11-17-13

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