A Roman Soldier

A Roman Soldier

A crowd was slowing nearing, bringing one more man to kill.
Soldiers watching from Golgatha, high upon the hill.
They heard the shouts and crying… their voices growing loud.
They wondered of the murmurings… of this unruly crowd.

The Soldiers were assigned their tasks; crucifixion was their job.
But this crowd was somewhat different… a surly angry mob.
The prisoner was being dragged, and pushed ahead with force.
The Soldiers wondered of their anger… what could be the source?

The prisoner was roughly moved down in a prone position.
He offered no resistance, as he lay there in submission.
One Soldier held within his hand, three nails and a maul.
The crucifixions were the same… they used these on them all.

He’d crucified hundreds, and each one much the same.
He nailed them to their crosses, regardless of their fame.
He couldn’t help but notice, the many wounds still bleeding.
He reasoned to himself… this man’s life will soon be fleeting.

A priest that was among the crowd above the noise did cry…
He claimed to be the Son of GOD… this imposter has to die.
Crucify this worthless one… his blasphemy is great.
Let him know his punishment… how death will be his fate.

The Soldier carefully placed a nail, and struck it with the maul.
The piercing of the flesh resulted, witnessed by them all.
The blood of CHRIST flowed once again… crimson as he bled.
The Soldier did this act twice more, without a sign of dread.

With JESUS firmly fastened to HIS cross… it then was raised.
The Soldiers paying no attention… none of them were phased.
The Soldiers placed their newest cross between two others there.
The Soldiers knew they soon would die… that fate they would share.

The rulers and some people of the crowd were most divided.
Some people there were crying… still some others had derided.
If you really be the Son of GOD… Save yourself… if in your power.
The Soldiers also mocked HIM, offering vinegar which was sour.

One Soldier placed a sign above him, stating HE was the King of the Jews.
Then said JESUS, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.
One other there with JESUS said, if you be CHRIST… why not save us all?
JESUS didn’t answer him… HE spoke no word at all.

The other said, don’t you fear GOD?? We both deserve our sentence.
The man you rail is innocent… You and I should seek repentance.
JESUS faced the man and said, Verily I do say to thee…
To-day “thou” shalt be… in paradise with me.

After this, the sun was darkened over all the earth.
The darkened skies caused silence of the mocking and the mirth.
In the Holy Temple the veil was rent to bottom from the top.
The movement round the crosses quickened to a stop.

A centurion heard the words, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
He stood there looking up at JESUS… not sure that he did hear it.
After JESUS spoke these words, HE gave up the ghost and died.
One Soldier upon seeing this, said GOD be glorified.

Surely this was a righteous man… he felt sorry HE was killed.
The Soldier didn’t realize… this was GOD’S prophecy fulfilled.
Mourners took the body down, and carried it away.
They brought it to an unused tomb… where JESUS would then lay.

The Soldiers day was ending too, as the change of guard was through.
They marched back to their barracks, in straight rows two by two.
The march was hot and dusty… they looked forward to their tents.
When dismissed they entered in… weary of the days events.

The Soldiers took their armor off, and layed their swords aside.
Grateful they were finally resting, in the shade inside.
One soldier was reflecting on, the things he’d seen that day.
On how the bleeding man named JESUS… found the strength to pray.

The Soldier still was puzzled… “they know not what they do.”
“Those” words he remembered… but how could they be true??
Why should he be forgiven? What crime had he done?
He just did his duty… But he helped to kill GOD’S SON.

©C.C. November 2, 2006

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