Exodus 11

Exodus 11

Questions raised of GOD’S impending “Rapture”
Cause many in the church in part to doubt.
Some believe its fallacy… pure folly,
Others sure, we’ll soon be taken out.

Where is the promise of HIS coming?
For all things do continue as before.
Some believe it isn’t going to happen.
Others sure, He’s knocking at the door.

We’ve been told that “we” can’t know the hour
Or the day, or night of its occurrence.
Just that “we” should all make ourselves ready;
Repentance from our sins to have assurance.

Scriptural reference shown, in many verses
Emphatically proclaim our soon departure.
We’re told we’ll soon join our GOD in Heaven
Like swiftly flying arrows of HIS archer.

Many times in scripture its been mentioned
The sound of HIS great trumpet’s final note.
Then HIS shout for us to “Come Up Hither”
Words we’ll hear our GOD HIMSELF emote.

Many will be left here when it happens
Marveling at what has taken place.
Certain “then” of truths they’d taken lightly
Scriptures that they never chose to face.

Don’t delay in pondering this message.
There’s little time… left to make up your mind.
We “all” were told to look for HIS appearing.
To fail in this… we may be “Left Behind”.

©CC April 19, 2009

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