God’s Gifts, Man’s Sin

God’s Gifts, Man’s Sin

Words spoken by our HOLY GOD
brought all things to existence.
Not “one thing” would be here now
without our GOD’S insistence.

Our GOD spoke over waters
and said, “Let There Be Light”.
GOD called the light Day,
and the darkness HE called Night.

GOD said “Let There Be Firmament”
and the waters HE divided.
GOD called waters to the Heavens
and on earth dry land resided.

HE called the dry lands “Earth”
and the waters HE called “Seas”.
HE saw that this was good…
then our GOD called forth the “Trees”.

Yielding fruit of it’s own kind
it brought of it’s own seed.
The fruit and herbs could be brought forth
whenever there was need.

GOD then said “Let There Be Lights In Heaven”
to divide the rays.
The Lesser Light for Night,
The Greater Light for Days.

Then GOD placed the countless stars
that overwhelm the evening sky.
The number of them is so great
you can’t count them if you try.

GOD then spoke to the Waters…
each creatures life called forth by HIM.
GOD also brought the winged fowl
and all creatures that do swim.

GOD spoke again… and brought forth the cattle,
and every creeping thing.
The creatures HE called Man and Women
were next that HE would bring.

GOD created both in HIS own image…
blessed each one, and called them nigh.
GOD gave them all authority
to replenish earth, and multiply.

GOD said all things were made for them
and to them all was given.
Partake from all the trees but “one”
or from here you’ll be driven.

Disobedience prevailed with them;
despite GOD’S warning, they did eat.
GOD had them driven from the garden
for their sinful feat.

Because of their own sinfulness,
their sorrows greatly numbered.
They had to till the ground for food…
their lives now were encumbered.

The generations that have followed…
to this present day we know,
Resulted from Mankind’s first sin…
you will reap… what you will sow.

C.C. ©September 30, 2006

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