Aware of YOU

Aware of YOU

When sunshine greets the morning .. at the start of each new day ..
I kneel to thank YOU for my life.. and then I’m on my way..
I can’t know my numbered days .. and how long I’ll be here..
I know that YOU are with me LORD.. for I can feel YOU near..

I’ve made plans for living life.. in the future years to come..
I’m hoping they don’t go beyond my total granted “sum”
Despite my many goals and the courses “I” have plotted..
YOU alone.. know the number.. of my days allotted..

There’s times when troubles in this life.. and problems do beset me..
I can know that through it all .. YOU will not forget me..
I thank YOU GOD .. for allowing “me” to take part in the race..
Even more important.. YOU let “me” set my own pace..

Through each phase of All my Days .. YOUR PRESENCE I’m aware..
Sometimes I sit and close my eyes.. and I give YOU silent prayer..
I am aware YOU know its “me” .. and recognize my voice..
I know YOU hear the words I form .. YOU cause me to rejoice..

Some day I’ll kneel before YOU and give account .. when time is done..
I Thank YOU FATHER for the gift of .. JESUS YOUR DEAR SON..
I won’t have a second chance.. to live my life well “here”..
I’ll really try to live my life.. within YOUR GODLY sphere..

CC: April 18, 2006


I am always aware of the Lord’s presence; he is near, and nothing can shake me.
Psalm 16:8


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