Oil Burning Lamp

Oil Burning Lamp

As anyone reading this poem can attest,
the Oil burning lamp was “old fashioned” at best.

At the base of the lamp was a reservoir of glass,
some were made plain,
some with more class.

The reservoir’s function,
was always the same.
It held the oil burned,
until daylight came.

Sitting on top of,
the glass upper spout,
sat a metal wick holder,
with a dial that stuck out.

Next came the glass chimney,
somewhat shaped like a pear.
Usually it was quite clear,
so the light shined everywhere.

The chimney retained
by a round metal ring
made the glass quite stable.
The lamp was then usually placed
on a desk… or the kitchen table.

The wick when turned up,
gave out a great light.
For home life, or reading,
it was just about right.

When bedtime arrived,
and sleep was in store,
the need for the light,
wasn’t there anymore.

So the wick was adjusted,
to put out the flame.
Then everyone slept,
until daylight came.

The light bulb has long since,
replaced these old lamps Sometime you may see them,
in the woods… in some camps.

The Oil Burning Lamp,
now sought out, in great measure.
And when one now is found,
it is deemed a “great treasure”.

Things simple, and Old,
and with then primitive function,
serve to remind many,
that they too, are at life’s junction.

Analogy of GOD … and man …
and our life, as some do know it,
fairly shout to recognize,
the parallels that show it.

The “reservoir” is as our soul,
which contains our very being,
not made of glass, but still transparent
to HIM who is all seeing.

The purpose of the reservoir,
is the place to store the fuel.
The fuel’s GODS WORD within us,
our most valuable tool.

It also fuels the wick,
which when “extended” provides more light,
or the wick can be made lower,
and it just doesn’t glow as bright.

The wick is GODS WORD,
which through us should always flow.
It should always speak of HIM,
wherever we may go.

For GOD has said,
Our job is to “witness”
and speak of HIS might

The wick holder with it’s dial,
could be likened to our zeal.
When we respond to HIS holy Word
and know that HE is real.

Sometimes GOD will turn our dial,
and make the flame grow higher.
HE enables us to do great things,
which without HIM we could not aspire.

The awesome job to tell of HIM …
it falls to you, and me.
Its our responsibility,
To show how to be free.

Our salvation’s like the chimney of glass,
which sets upon the metal holder.
It keeps the flame from blowing out,
and for our witness to grow bolder.

When our lamps are set to yield it’s light
to all that would behold,
the world could see our GOD within us,
and HIS WORD will then unfold.

C.C. ©January 3, 2006

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