Jonah In Deep Water

Jonah In Deep Water

The story of Jonah, is among the Bible’s shortest books.
It involves a Giant fish, but no fishermen or hooks.

The boat that’s in the story, Jonah had to pay a fare.
He was bound for Tarshish, but he never made it there.

Jonah was rebelling from our GOD’s direct instruction.
And due to misplaced anger, brought on his own destruction.

GOD told Jonah, go to Nineveh, warn them of their evil ways.
Their wickedness had come before HIM, HE would have their praise.

Jonah disagreed with GOD, sailing in the wrong direction.
He hadn’t counted on our GOD’s, own unique correction.

GOD brought a mighty tempest, that thrashed upon the sea.
Jonah knew immediately, this storm’s because of me.

The mariners were sore afraid, that the ship would break in two.
They asked Jonah, did this evil come on us … just because of you?

Jonah told them earlier, he was running from the LORD.
Now the mariners knew, they must toss Jonah… overboard.

GOD had told a giant fish, to swallow Jonah whole.
When Jonah hit the water, the fish then met his goal.

Jonah spent three days and nights in the fish down in the deep.
Then Jonah prayed to GOD, that HIS favor he could reap.

GOD heard the prayer of Jonah, and by HIS MIGHTY HAND…
Told the great fish there with Jonah, to put him on dry land.

Then GOD told Jonah, one more time, go to Ninevah the city.
This time Jonah made it there… grateful GOD took pity.

Jonah preached to Nineveh and warned of their destruction.
The King repented with all the city, and asked for GOD’s instruction.

GOD was pleased they did repent, and granted them a pardon.
But Jonah filled with bitterness… his heart he did harden.

Jonah somehow felt justified, and was still angry and did pout.
He should well remember, GOD made the big fish spit him out.

GOD spared Nineveh in HIS mercy, because HE knew the people erred.
This illustrates, the love of GOD, and just how much HE cared.

C.C. ©January 30, 2006

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