Mother Nature? NOT!

Mother Nature? NOT!

We’ve heard of Mother Nature,
that much embellished fable.
She’s given too much credit
for doing things that she’s not able.

You say, “it’s just a childrens story
what harm could it do?
If you approve, then I ask you,
do you think GOD would too?

There is no mother nature,
come on now, get a clue.
When you’re in need
and pray to GOD
do you call on her too?

So don’t be taken in my friend.
Rebut that foolish notion.
There’s no one else but our true GOD.
Give HIM your full devotion.

It was GOD who created heaven and earth.
This we should all know!!
All creation is from HIM…
and from HIM, all blessings flow.

This world that we all live in
It’s “not” our Mother Earth.
You can find the truth in Exodus
just for what it’s worth.

To give anyone the credit
for the things which GOD created,
gives credence to a fairy tale
which is highly overated.

Mother Nature doesn’t exist
it’s just a made up story.
designed by someone we all know
to rob GOD of HIS GLORY.

So when you see GOD’s handiwork
and are privileged to partake,
Keep in mind, GOD gave this day
and every breath you take.

Giving credit to a fable
which conflicts with GODS own WORD,
Goes against the truth we know
the truth which is preferred.

For those who are offended
by this disputing text,
I say to you with all respect….
The Easter Bunny’s next!

C.C. ©February 06, 2006

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