Trickster Treatment

Trickster Treatment

A trick of the devil, often used,
is to make you feel depressed…
When many times it’s just that you,
may be in need of rest.

So take a look about yourself,
and see what’s going well,
Then tell that devil “take a hike”
and go on back to hell.

But he won’t stay there very long…
he’ll think that you’ve forgotten.
Return he will, to plant more thoughts,
to make you feel just rotten.

Be aware, he works and plans
to see to our undoing…
The battle rages for our souls…
and ever is ensuing.

So plant your feet and brace yourself,
get ready for the fight.
Many battles carry on through day…
and most of night.

We weary of the struggle…
we wish he’d just take flight.
When he jumps on… just carry on…
and drag him to the light.

There IS one way that works for sure…
that absolutely Frees us,
Just say the words he does most fear…
speak the name of JESUS.

C.C. © November 22, 2005

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