David And Goliath

David And Goliath

The Phillistine warriors all stood in array
assembled on one side of the hill …
facing the Israelite army,
preparing for their victory kill.

King Saul and his men
were taunted from below
by Goliath the giant …
come stand … “toe to toe”.

Let’s settle this here,
send your champion to me…
we’ll then battle on this valley floor.
Surely you’ve someone that doesn’t have fear,
someone to stand in the fore.

But no man arose to meet this great threat,
they stood fast, and lowered their gaze.
When out of the rear, they heard a small voice,
“I’ll do it …. my sheep are at graze.”

The men whirled around to the small voice they heard.
To their surprise, it was David,
the boy who tends the herd.

Why you’re just a mere lad, not much more than fifteen …
are you telling us … that,
you’ll fight the biggest man we’ve ever seen??

I will, said David, my GOD gave me strength to beat lion and bear,
and I’ll defeat that big giant …
anytime … anyplace … anywhere!!!

King Saul said, take my armour, it will help you in your fight.
David said, no thanks King Saul …
I plan to travel light.

The insults hurled at David’s GOD
had pricked him to his heart.
He vowed to meet this giant.
and take the dude apart.

As David neared the battle zone,
he kneeled down by a brook.
picked up three smooth stones
(but one is all it took).

Am I a dog … they send someone like this,
Goliath said with a hiss.
David nodded smiling, and said,
with a head that big … I just can’t miss.

Goliath hurled his massive spear,
to pin David to the ground.
The spear had missed since David dodged
and quickly moved around.

You’re clad in your armour,
with sword and great spear…
I come to tell you … that it’s GOD you should fear.

This day I’ll defeat you,
and today you’re gonna fall …
it just don’t matter, that you are nine feet tall.

David took sling,
and placed in it … a stone.
He looked somewhat small …
standing there all alone.

A clockwise like motion
he started to twirl…
the sling spun around…
and the stone he did hurl.

The stone hit Goliath between his two eyes.
Goliath, for sure,
again would not rise.

Goliath fell hard, and crashed to the earth…
the foes that were laughing
soon lost their mirth.

David unarmed grabbed the foes sword, now dead …
and quickly removed
the great giants head.

He held it aloft … for his foes to behold…
They all took quick flight,
where they were once quite bold.

King Saul and the army
now charged their sad ranks,
and cut them all down … closing both flanks.

The Israelites joyed
at Jesses young son …
the fame of young David,
had barely begun.

King Davids adventures … after King Saul,
would be recorded by many
and be known to us all.

The expression that lingers,
that I do recall …
is; The bigger they are…
The harder they fall.

By C.C. ©December 20, 2005

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