Any trials you are enduring
this, and every day,
Consider this my friend
the devil sent them all your way.

You can’t have a testimony
without first having a test.
Believe me dear friend…
GOD will give you HIS OWN best.

Before gigantic blessings,
the devil tries to do his worst.
He knows your blessings coming
so he tries to get there first.

He’ll tell you you’re unworthy,
no blessing you’ll receive.
But tell that dude to “take a hike.”
It’s GOD you should believe.

You must remember,
“You” are the apple of GOD’S eye.
HE knows what you’re enduring
with each day that’s passing by.

So be mindful of the many things
that GOD has done for you.
HE promised to be with us
during all that we go through.

You were designed by GOD
and “You” HE has endowed.
Just remember what HE put in you.
You stand out from the crowd.

You have been, since you’ve been saved,
“Covered by the Blood”.
The sins you carried long before,
have dropped down with a thud.

Any test that comes upon you,
no matter what the source…
Just know that GOD will steady you
and keep you on your course.

HE has great plans for you my friend…
that’s why you are unique.
They’re all layed out for your partaking…
why not take a peek??

Look all through your Bible
and see how HE loves you.
HE has given all the tools
you’ll need to see you through.

You are wonderfully made by HIM
and if that’s not enough…
HE will see you through it all
when you do your stuff.

So when you give your testimony
to any that may ask,
Be sure to mention our GOD’S love…
for in it we do bask.

HE thinks you’re very special,
there’s “No one” quite like you.
That’s why HE made you like HE did…
to yourself you should be true.

C.C. ©May 14, 2006

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