Number your days

Number your days

GOD has told us in the scriptures .. in so many different ways..
We’re to treasure all our life .. and number all our days ..
We’ll not always be here .. so be thankful you are “now” ..
Why not appreciate our blessings.. our GOD did endow ?

Enjoy this day.. it is a gift .. thank HIM you’re here too !
Savor all that life can give.. while we’re passing through
Don’t persist in arguing .. it’s not important who would win..
Seize the day you’re living now .. We’ll not pass this way again..

Don’t hold onto bitterness .. forgive those wrongs inflicted..
Don’t stifle your own happiness. Don’t let it be restricted..
Life “IS” short ! .. Get Over It ! continue on your way ..
Don’t be traumatized by things.. that people do and say

We only have so many days.. .. enjoy them while they last
Don’t waste time regretting.. and don’t dwell in the past ..
GOD will call us home one day.. we can’t know the time..
It could be when we’re quite old.. or even in our prime..

Take time to smell the flowers .. while they still are blooming..
Don’t anticipate new problems.. that you see may be looming..
Troubles may beset us .. but GOD will help us cope..
Just know HE is with us .. with HIM there’s always hope..

If you knew you’d depart today .. leaving family and friends..
Would you wish for time enough .. to make all your amends ?
If you’d like to call a friend.. that you feel is overdue ..
Take the time to do it ! They’d like to hear it too !

Its said time heals all wounds.. but you must also do your part..
If you wish to heal an open wound .. now’s the time to start..
Enjoy this time GOD’S given you.. it won’t ever be repeated..
If you keep a grateful attitude .. You’ll never be defeated..

CC: June 17, 2007

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