Need Help?

Need Help?

GOD knows what you’ll be praying
“Before” you form a word.
GOD knows what you’ll be asking
long before you’re heard.

GOD knows your every problem
be it large, or be it small.
If you’re feeling lonely… remember
you’re not alone at all.

Sometimes we have a problem
that we struggle hard to solve.
The barriers placed before us
serve to diminish our resolve.

Keep in mind it isn’t new to GOD;
HE knows beginning to the end.
A solution is forthcoming
with the help that HE will send.

Often when a trial arises, we’re asked
“now, what will you do?”
That’s when we should pray to GOD!!
It isn’t up to “you”.

You may not know the answer
to a problem you’ve incurred.
Pray… and read your Bible …
the answer’s in the word.

Ask your GOD to help you
spend some time in prayer.
Don’t lament that tired old phrase,
“Life just isn’t fair”.

GOD helps those who help themselves…
I’ve heard many say.
Do you “really” think GOD needs your help?
Just stay out of HIS way.

It’s easy to become embroiled
in a problem that’s severe.
We tend to try to work it out
with any tool which we find near.

When you encounter problems
that are much too great a task…
You’re next step is apparent…
it is GOD, who you should ask.

Often we forget to ask,
we don’t consider that HE’S nigh.
HE’S the ONE who placed each star
across the endless sky.

If HE could set the stars in place
and also “name” them too…
Don’t you think that HE could find
a way of helping you?

C.C. ©November 1, 2006


¶ Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.
Psalm 55:22

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
1Peter 5:7

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