Praise GOD, Praise GOD

Praise GOD, Praise GOD

PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! I say it twice.
HIS blessings are abundant.
There’s no need to be concerned
that we may sound redundant.

If we were to count our blessings “past”
and those that linger still…
We’d run out of time today….
and still not have our fill.

It’s spoken in the scriptures…
HE looks for those to “bless”.
HIS blessings are for all of us…
the Bible does profess.

HE never tires of hearing
all the praises that we give.
The many times we’re thanking HIM
for all the days we live.

HE provides the means for blessings
as we live from day to day.
HE’S pleased when we delight in HIM
and Thank HIM when we pray.

Be mindful of the paths you take,
and the course of your direction.
Don’t just step out blindly…
take your time for some reflection.

There’s “nothing” you can say, or do,
that doesn’t come from HIM.
The blessings freely given you,
are never due to whim.

Our GOD has brought you to HIS earth
and has purpose for your being.
Whatever that may be my friend…
You will eventually be seeing.

Our GOD deserves our fervent prayers,
each day we live anew.
Someday we will be joining HIM…
when our life here is through.

We could write a thousand books,
and fill them all with praises.
The blessings HE bestows on us
in each and all our phases.

Each step we take is seen by GOD
as we journey on our way.
You never know what life may bring
be mindful when you pray.

When miracles occur with you
and you are sore amazed…
Just remember WHO did give it…
and WHO then should be praised.

C.C. © April 22, 2006

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