Since I’ve met YOU.. I now know .. YOU were always there..
Through my trials , most self induced.. YOU were there to share ..
YOU’VE been there “ all along” .. for now its plain to see ..
I never was.. alone.. in life .. it never was “just me “ ..

I hadn’t thought too much of “YOU” .. since I was full of “me” ..
I thought that it was up to me.. If successful I would be ..
I wandered through this life of mine ..for years without success..
Eventually I found the answer .. Its YOU I must confess..

I didn’t know I needed “YOU” .. but YOU knew all along ..
YOU had noticed all my sin .. doing all my wrong ..
Through my trials and problems .. I wondered deep inside ..
Is there no place I could go ?.. somewhere I could “hide” ? ..

I had found this world to be .. not a friendly place..
Sometimes it was all to do .. just to keep the pace ..
I encountered barriers.. and went the wrong direction ..
Many times I was spared .. by some unknown protection ..

Thank you LORD for all YOU do .. to help me in my life..
Thank you LORD for sticking with me .. through my trials and strife..
Thank you LORD for also making.. me aware of YOU ..
Thank you LORD for loving me .. as I love you too !

CC: June 27, 2010

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