HIS Touch

HIS Touch

Please touch me LORD JESUS,
Please don’t let me go.
I want to serve YOU,
forever I know.
My eyes are now opened,
to all of my sin.
Please touch me LORD JESUS,
bid me come in.

My sins of scarlet …
overwhelmed like a flood.
Please touch me LORD JESUS,
cleanse me with your blood.
My sins are great burdens …
they’re weighing me down.
Please touch me LORD JESUS …
that I’d be unbound.

The burdens assigned me,
please pray I could bear.
Please steadfast remind me,
that YOU are still there.
You strengthen my walk,
with courage to spare.
To know in YOUR Kingdom
I have a small share.

The time that I’ve wasted
I feel great disdain.
I know that time lost,
I can never regain.
But whatever time left,
whether one day or two…
I’ll spend it MY LORD,
in worshiping you.

The ultimate price for my sins,
YOU have paid.
You promised to take me,
so I’m not afraid.
Please touch me LORD JESUS…
my soon coming KING
My hope for salvation…
that YOU alone bring.

C.C. ©February 5, 2006


Artwork By Danny Hahlbohm

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