Blessing or Luck

Blessing or Luck

Blessings we’ve received in life
some count as “lucky breaks”.
We seldom count ourselves at fault
even when we make mistakes.

Some attribute their successes
to “themselves” with pride.
They lack understanding,
GOD had placed that “drive” inside.

“You” are not an accident!
GOD formed you from the start.
GOD knows your full potential.
GOD also knows your heart.

Through HIM you have the talents
GOD instilled within your soul.
HE’S given you abilities
to help you reach your goal.

It’s true our life is influenced
by the choices that we make.
Our timing, and reaction
guides the steps some of us take.

Don’t sit around procrastinating
and contemplate your lack.
Your life will end here soon enough;
there’s no coming back.

There’s precious little time in life…
the years are flying by.
Don’t waste your life in idleness
and wait your turn to die.

Consider all your blessings
both… unseen and seen.
They could go unnoticed
if perception isn’t keen.

All our lives will end someday,
you and I are no exception.
Make your election sure my friend…
and have the right reception.

Do you believe your present lot in life,
is accidental?
Or could it be because our GOD above,
is instrumental?

I can think of nothing worse,
and my life’s not over yet…
Than to live my lifetime here on earth
burdened with regret.

We can’t blame our lack in life
on some “unlucky” star.
The choices we all make in life
help put us where we “are”.

GOD’S blessings given to us
from the first breath that we drew…
Continually enfold us…
until our lifetime’s through.

The gift of life HE gave to each,
undeserved… it still was given.
Furthermore, HE sent HIS SON…
that “WE”could be forgiven.

©CC: January 14, 2007


¶That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
Matthew 5:45

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