I welcome the first rays of dawn,
that faint sliver of soft light.
The subtle beam of sunshine
dissipating last of night.

Intensity grows stronger…
making shadows disappear.
The sun bursts forth proclaiming
a brand new day is here!

This new day that we enjoy
isn’t one that we’ve deserved.
Thank GOD for time allotted
thus far our life preserved.

Trials encountered, and endured,
that we’ve all had to face…
The origin of strength displayed,
to GOD it can be traced.

What to do with our GOD’S gift?
Overwhelming prospects loom.
Should we step out into HIS world
or stay here in our room?

Consider, friend, don’t let this day
pass by without event.
Appreciate the time GOD gave;
one day “ours” will be spent.

One more chance to make things right…
perhaps a new approach.
Eventually time will run out…
and darkness will encroach.

Decisions come with each new day,
opportunities abound.
We should explore our choices
while the time be found.

Enjoy our families…
cultivate the friendships we have made.
Accumulated memories…
eventually will fade.

Of all the treasures we’ve obtained
and ones we’ve yet to find,
Be sure of this, when we depart…
we’ll leave them all behind.

©CC June 15, 2008


This [is] the day [which] the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalms 118:24

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