In Webster’s Dictionary
a path is defined as “trodden way”.
It’s also shown as course or route,
in all three… you could stray.

Uncertainty can fill our hearts
and confuse the path we take.
It’s up to “us” to make our choice
and guard each step we make.

Sometimes the path’s obstructed…
quite possibly poorly marked.
Often changes do occur,
long after we’ve embarked.

The hazards that are in our paths,
rarely are foreseen.
To notice, and prepare for them…
perception must be keen.

Some paths we take are traveled well…
you’ll see others on the way.
Some others can be lonely…
that’s a price you’d have to pay.

There’s many paths that look the same…
at least in the beginning.
When difficulties do arise,
you may notice the crowd thinning.

It’s comforting to know the steps we take
are GOD directed.
Be careful where you place your feet…
to insure you stay protected.

We have a guide to see us through
all the problems we could face.
HE said that HE would be with us
no matter what our pace.

HE said that HE would make a way…
that promise HE has kept.
A lot of what we may become,
depends on where we’ve stepped.

The paths we choose depends on “us”…
the journey may be long.
Since we know that HE walks with us,
it serves to make us strong.

Keep in mind, one day the paths we’ve chosen…
all will end.
That’s the time at your roads end…
you’ll really need a Friend.

Be thankful we all know
the destination of our path.
It is to be in heaven …
and to escape our GOD’S great wrath.

The joy’s of heaven will be before us,
because our path’s lead there.
So keep on traveling … despite the climb…
and you can claim a share.

Our GOD will welcome each of us
to be with HIM forever.
Don’t let earths trials overcome your walk…
Persist! Persue! Endeavor!


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Psalm 119:105


C.C. ©May 3, 2006

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