Catch Of The Day

Catch Of The Day
(Luke 5:4-9)

There’s several ways to catch a fish…
by spear, by hook, by net.
A group of men had tried the last
and through it truth was met.
JESUS came upon two empty boats;
the fisherman with chores.
HE then spoke to Peter on
Lake Gennesaret’s shores.

The fishermen had fished in vain,
they were weary with no sleep.
JESUS said to Simon there,Launch out into the deep.
JESUS stated let down your “NETS”
into the water for a draught.
The fishermen had toiled all night
and not a fish among them caught.

Simon answered… we have toiled all night
…and failure we have met.
But nevertheless, “At thy word”…
I will let down the net.
The single “NET” was lowered
thinking there would be no take.
The NET was filled to overflowing…
that it began to break.

They beckoned to their partners
they needed help to pull.
To help them land the bulging NET;
it was completely full.
The help was given… both ships filled…
up to the point of sinking.
Then Simon Peter with regret
thought what had I been thinking.

One lesson here is obvious;
Peter doubted he’d catch any.
Had he let down the NETS as told…
there would be twice as many.
JESUS said Fear not;
from henceforth thou shalt catch men.
They returned the boats to land…
they would not fish there again.

They would follow their LORD JESUS…
Their lifestyle they forsook.
They left their boats and followed HIM…
without another look.
The miracles that they would see,
although their trip unplanned…
They would rather follow JESUS…
and fish upon dry land.

©C.C. January 21, 2007

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