What to write ? On which subject ? What’s been left unsaid ?
Wouldn’t it be simpler .. to just “mark time “ instead ?
Why this sense of urgency ? Why should we feel the need ?
To tell the world that JESUS saves.. and how we can be freed ..

There are many books and songs.. that tell of GOD’S soon coming ..
Yet I must yield to inner feelings.. this firm incessant drumming ..
Tell the world .. in all the ways can of HIS arrival ..
Do your part .. however small .. to stimulate revival ..

GOD is coming back for us .. Of this I have no doubt ..
HE will see that all HIS children .. will be taken out ..
Oh that I could scribe HIS message.. across the vast blue sky ..
Salvation comes no other way .. no matter what you try ..

JESUS Saves … This timeless message.. still rings true today ..
HE alone.. provides our pardon.. HE “is” the only way ..
We shouldn’t have to see it.. in the sky if it were “ written” ..
Trust in JESUS “now” while able .. don’t wait to be smitten ..

These verses though repetitive .. not new .. in fact quite old ..
Stem from inner feelings .. of doing what I have been told ..
Tell the world .. HE’S coming back .. in all ways you possess ..
You too .. can find eternal peace.. if JESUS you confess..

CC: June 27, 2010


 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.  John 3:3

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  1. Lizzette Raleigh Reply

    very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  2. Wesley Wardsworth Reply

    I am definitely bookmarking this website and sharing it with my acquaintances. You will be getting plenty of visitors to your website from me!

    • C C Reply

      Hello Wesley: Please excuse the late reply . I was not available during the date of your post due to some appointments I couldn’t avoid.
      I’m pleased you liked the poem and I promise I’ll reply much sooner in the future. GOD Bless !

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