The Steps Of A Good Man

The Steps Of A Good Man

Psalm thirty seven, verses one through forty…
including all between…
Instructs of “how” to trust our GOD
and from this, we should glean.

We’re told because of evildoers
to not be envious, or fret.
GOD will cut them down like grass…
their threat you can forget.

We’re to trust the LORD, and do good;
HE promised, we’ll be fed.
We’ll safely dwell within the land,
and not worry for a bed.

We should “delight” ourselves in HIM,
and to the LORD aspire.
HE said if we will do this,
HE will give us our hearts desire.

HE said we should “commit” to HIM
(whether Lad or Lass).
We should also “trust” in HIM
and HE’LL bring it all to pass.

We are told to wait on HIM;
fret not the evil devices of man.
We’re to cease from anger,
and not have evil in “our” plan.

The evildoers will be cut off;
they’ll not have a worth.
But those of us who wait on HIM
will inherit all the earth.

Someday we’ll look around to see
their evil has no place.
The LORD considered that they’re evil,
and them all… HE will erase.

Our LORD has promised, we’ll have peace
because we are yet meek.
The evildoers won’t be found,
no matter where you seek.

The wicked will forsake the poor,
and those who yet are needy.
The LORD will laugh and cast them down
because they were so greedy.

The wicked borrow from the righteous
then they refuse to pay.
The righteous lendeth even more;
The LORD delighteth in this way.

To show another mercy,
and giveth… we’ll be blessed.
The evildoers in their way
will lose all they possessed.

The LORD has ordered a good man’s steps
and delighteth in his way.
Walk with the LORD and look to HIM;
from HIS precepts, do not stray.

From young to old, HE won’t forsake you;
you’ll not be filled with dread.
If you walk with GOD and keep HIS ways
your children will have bread.

The LORD has promised HE won’t leave us,
HE will protect us with HIS HAND.
The wicked who condemns us,
will be removed from off the land.

We’re to wait upon the LORD
and in time of trouble… Keep HIS ways!!
GOD has said HE will deliver!!!
To HIS HOLY NAME … Give Praise.

C.C. © July 4, 2006

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