Do you recognize HIM?

Do you recognize HIM?

When you viewed a crimson sunset .. at the end of a summer day ..
When fragrance of orange blossoms .. wafted sweetly by your way ..
When the warmth of the day’s sunshine.. gently kissed your face..
When you viewed the birds on wing .. returning to their place ..

Have you had your spirit lifted .. when you listened to a song..
Have you felt HIS inner peace .. even when things had went wrong ..
Have you felt HIS HOLY PRESENCE fill you up to overflowing ..
Have you felt the re assurance .. to know where you are going..

Have you seen a garden flower with morning dew drops moist..
Have you heard a joyous choir when their singing had rejoiced?
Have you felt HIS HOLY PRESENCE descend into the room ?..
Have you felt the HOLY SPIRIT dispel all of your gloom ?

GOD is in control of all .. someday we all will kneel ..
I anticipate the day when I will truly feel ..
I can’t imagine my departure ..and as that time grows near ..
I can only gauge it by .. my feelings while I’m here..

CC : March 29, 2009

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