GOD reaches “in” and touches us
in that place that we all know.
It prompts that sweetest feeling…
and tears begin to flow.

I can’t describe the way I feel,
when tears run down my cheeks.
I feel such love within my being,
I know it’s HIM that speaks.

This feeling comes upon me,
at different times…in many ways.
I feel an overwhelming need,
to give my God HIS praise.

I stutter and I stammer,
and grope for such a phrase…
to adequately thank Him,
for each of my lifes days.

I’ll never tire of feeling this…
this warmth…this inner glow.
The tenderest of feelings,
that YOU have let me know.

The HOLY SPIRIT guides us through
all the trials that we may face.
HIS loving presence moves my soul
at HIS own loving pace.

C.C. © December 10, 2005

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