Call On Him

Call On Him

When life’s problems overwhelm
beyond our own control,
Or we’re hindered in our quest
from reaching our own goal…
We often ask ourselves “why me?”
Now what should I do?
I suggest you make that call
HE expects to hear from you.

When you wish to speak to HIM
you need not use a phone.
You can make direct connection
and speak to HIM alone.
You won’t have to leave a message
and listen for the beep.
HE promised us HE’D be there;
HIS promise HE will keep.

You won’t reach an “operator”
who’ll inquire of whom you seek.
You needn’t leave a “voice mail”
because call volume is at peak.
You’ll never hear “HE’S out,
would you care to leave your number?”
GOD can speak to “all” of us
Day or Night… HE doesn’t slumber.

You won’t be asked to make selection
for English or in Spanish.
HE “invented” all our speech…
your choice for “which” can vanish.
You won’t hear “We’re sorry,
that numbers been disconnected”.
Your call will go direct to HIM
it won’t be redirected.

You won’t use up your “minutes”.
Your calls are all “toll free”.
Long distance rates do not apply.
HE does not require a “fee”.
You won’t be put on “hold”;
Your call will go right through.
GOD always is available
and HE wants to hear from you.

You won’t have to check a listing
to be sure you’ve dialed correctly.
You won’t have to dial at all;
Your connections made directly.
GOD doesn’t take a lunch break…
you can call at any hour.
Your connection won’t be dropped,
GOD doesn’t need a tower.

GOD has told us “Call on ME”.
HIS invitation is sincere.
You don’t have to “time” your call.
GOD is always near.
GOD is in control of all
despite what we’ve been told.
HIS mercies are for all of us;
they never do grow old.

You may think your world has crumbled
surrounded by the rubble.
HE is the ONE and ONLY GOD;
a present help in time of trouble.
Keep you phone line open.
GOD knows “your” number too.
HE may call “you” to perform a task
that only “you” can do.

If you’re beset with worry,
why not make that call today?
I guarantee HE’LL take your call…
you have but to pray.

©C.C. April 29, 2007


And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Psalm 50:15

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