God’s Healing Touch

God’s Healing Touch

Our time spent here…
a special gift from GOD that we enjoy.
HIS blessings are for all of us…
Man, Women, Girl, and Boy.

It’s wonderful to realize
GOD speaks truth and keeps HIS word.
We will join HIM in HIS Kingdom
when that final trump is heard.

There’s lives some live while here on earth
quite different than my own.
Some are dealing with circumstances
that I have never known.

Some I’ve known spend all their time
as in eternal night.
They don’t share the gift I have,
GOD’s precious gift of sight.

Still others have their voices stilled
and cannot speak a single word.
Their praise and worship is known to GOD
and only GOD has heard.

I can walk up to the altar
and kneel down and give my prayer.
Some others there are hindered,
they’re bound in a chair.

Some know GOD’s word through “sign”;
they lack the gift of hearing.
They can know that sound’s are coming,
GOD’s healing’s ever nearing.

One day they’ll hear the glorious choir
of praises sang above.
The songs will be of worship…
and our GOD’s eternal love.

There’s many types of handicaps
that we all know are there.
We should be thankful to our GOD
that we don’t have that share.

It takes a special type of strength…
to endure if you’re afflicted.
Be encouraged by our own GOD’s word…
FULL Healing is predicted.

The blind will SEE the joys of Heaven…
their first sight will be of GOD!
The lame will WALK in Heaven too…
where no man’s ever trod.

The mute will raise their voice on high
Their healings will be of GOD’s OWN HAND…
they’ll never be the same.

The deaf will HEAR the praiseful words
and songs that all are singing.
They’ll cast their crowns at our LORD’s feet…
the ones that we’ll be bringing.

We will all receive new body’s…
for we will be like HIM forever.
Encourage yourselves in the LORD,
and with HIM do endeavor.

C.C. ©March 19, 2006

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