This poems subject is on Heaven, GOD’S own home and mine someday.
I’ve been assured through HIS SON JESUS, HE has paved the way.
HIS promise made to me in blood… I rest on HIS assurance.
JESUS paid for all my sins… each evil dark occurrence.

We can’t know the glory we will witness when we’re there.
We’ve been told HE will remove, every single care.
It’s difficult imagining… unbridled joy and gladness.
This means HE will eliminate… every single trace of sadness.

Think of that!! What troubles you? Why do we despair?
Soon we’ll meet with JESUS, with some “raptured” in the air.
We’ll all receive new bodies, and we never will grow old.
We’ll walk the streets of Heaven… boulevards paved with pure gold.

They’ll be no lame in Heaven; GOD HIMSELF will give us healing.
The wondrous things to be revealed, will set our senses reeling.
The blind will see… the deaf will hear… the mute will sing HIS praise.
GOD’S saints will all be gathered… and remain there all our days.

We’re not appointed for HIS wrath; it is written in HIS WORD.
Some will enter Heaven, when the trumpet they have heard.
We’ll meet those gone before us… of our family and each friend.
We’ll thank JESUS for salvation… on HIM alone we did depend.

All those not accepted, into Heaven’s gates… will perish.
They will pay for earthly evils… they have chose to cherish.
All memories of them soon will fade… no longer will we care.
Their rejection of the SAVIOUR… is the reason they’re not there.

We are sure to be surprised, of some folks that’s been included.
More so of the other persons… that have also been excluded.
Not everyone can enter in; GOD’S kingdom is protected.
If “you” don’t know LORD JESUS CHRIST… “you” will be rejected.

©C.C. January 7, 2007

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