When listening to the chorus
and pleasant sounds you hear,
thank your GOD in heaven
for forming you the Ear;

When hearing praises sung to HIM
from voices old and young,
give thanks once more to mighty GOD
for giving us the Tongue;

When bursts of sunshine first appear
at dawn… then wane at night;
Thank your GOD almighty
for your precious gift of Sight;

When flowers fragrance drifts through air
and recognize the rose;
Give thanks again my blessed friend
that GOD has made your Nose;

When sunshines warmth you feel on cheek,
or dew, and rain or such;
Thank your GOD in heaven
for your precious gift of Touch;

Though daily use of these great gifts
we sometimes don’t give thought;
Consider well the gifts we have
through what our GOD has wrought;

Scant time we spend reflecting
on the blessings we’ve received;
On things that are so obvious
that barely we’ve perceived;

These gifts though great diminish
when we think of what HE’s done;
By sending us a Saviour
HIS dear and precious SON;

When strength of youth doth yield to age,
and all our days are spent;
Be grateful you accepted HIM
for You He will present;

HE alone was worthy
to pay for all our sin,
twas HE that gave the victory
over which we couldn’t win;

Someday I’ll kneel at HIS great Throne
and thank HIM gratefully;
For grace HE’s shown to grant a life
to such a wretch as me;

We don’t deserve HIS kindness,
to hell I should have went;
instead HE sent his precious WORD
that I would then repent;

HIS gifts so great befuddle me,
of how HE could bestow;
The wondrous things HE gave to me,
the why I’ll never know;

When last I feebly clutch at life,
and breath doth slip from me;
I want to thank my merciful GOD
for allowing me to “be”.

C.C. © 2/9/98

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