GOD Knows You Well

GOD Knows You Well

If GOD carried a billfold
HE would have a photo there of You.
And if HE kept a scrapbook
For sure You’d be there too.

If refrigerators were in GOD’s kitchen
with HIS golden tiled floor…
The renderings you have made so proudly
would be upon the door.

Are you yourself a Parent?
Have you children of your own?
Do you love them less now than before,
just because they’re grown?

We will always be GOD’s “child”;
Grandchildren HE has none.
We are called a Child of God
be it Daughter, or be it Son.

It’s precious for me, to be known
throughout heaven as HIS child.
The records of our birth in HIM,
in his kingdom have been filed.

Someday in HIS kingdom,
we will kneel before HIS throne…
Amidst the pile of golden crowns
which before HIM we’ll have thrown.

My human mind can’t comprehend
the wonders we will see.
The wondrous things of heaven…
laid out for you and me.

I’ll never tire of being there,
there will be lots to do.
Perhaps there even will be time
to share this poem with you.

C.C. © January 24, 2006

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