Did I Miss It?

Did I Miss It?

Make no mistake…
the time we have
is quickly going by.
We can’t regain a “day” of it
no matter how we try.

We should use it wisely
and consider all our ways.
I’m thankful GOD has quickened me
and given me these days.

There must be something I can do
to help with our GOD’S plan.
I know that I must learn to share
with my fellow man.

In my exasperation…
I’ve asked my GOD to make it clear.
Is there more that I can do with life
while I still am here?

Have I let you down LORD?
Have I shared my life enough?
Have I bailed out on my friends LORD,
when things were getting rough?

Have I ignored the plight of others,
that are hurting in their need?
Have I hoarded all my blessings,
and been selfish in my greed?

Was there a need “I” should have filled?
Have I seen… but looked away?
Have I reasoned that GOD sees their plight,
and they just have to pray?

Did I not “see” that breaking heart,
of someone I could aid?
Have I just asked for “my” own blessing,
when to you I prayed?

Is there someone I should talk to,
and tell them of your SON?
Have I lost that opportunity,
and was there only one?

Did I fail to see their sadness,
maybe hidden by their smile?
Did I fail to recognize their plight,
as they endure their personal trial?

Have I not realized that these meetings
with others that are needful?
YOU may have brought me to this meeting…
why am I not more heedful?

I know I cannot save the world…
but there is kindness I could render.
If there is someone who needs help…
maybe I could be a lender.

I ask you GOD please tell me
when my assistance should be given.
It’s easy to become blasé
If we’re not SPIRIT driven.

I’m so grateful for your blessings.
Please help “me” to comprehend…
that I’m to “share” my blessings…
each and all… that You did send.

C.C. © September 30, 2006

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