Focus On The Good


If you’ve become discouraged.. and complaining of your lot ..
Rearrange your “focus” on the good things that you’ve got ..
If you feel justified to whine .. and even to be hateful..
I suggest you look around .. there’s reasons to be grateful.

Don’t waste your time in feeling bad.. on viewpoints that are slanted ..
There’s many blessings in your life.. don’t take a “one” for granted..
Every day’s a gift from GOD .. We are not promised a “tomorrow”
Enjoy the gift that GOD has given.. don’t waste your time with sorrow..

I’ve heard it said “Live every day .. as though it was your last”..
Consider this .. One day for sure .. this too.. will come to past..
Be kind to people in your life .. don’t let them ruin your day .
Treat them as you would your own.. then be on your way ..

If someone out there tries your patience .. don’t get all uptight..
Don’t focus on the negative.. think on what they’re doing “right” ..
Life’s too short to waste your time.. you can’t change those you know ..
You can’t “make” them do what’s right .. they’ll reap.. what they sow ..

Don’t spend time regretting .. dumb things you’ve done in life..
Consider all the ways you’re “blessed” .. don’t dwell upon the strife..
Finding “reason’s” to be grateful.. isn’t difficult to do..
You just have to look around.. GOD’S made a place for you..

Thank your GOD for letting you.. live another full length day ..
When you rise up in the morning .. and you see sunshine’s ray
Thank HIM for that breath you took, .. for butterfly’s and birds ..
HE fills our life with blessings.. much too numerous for words..

Each day when you awaken.. “think” .. that’s really a great start..
Be grateful GOD decreed you life.. thank HIM from your heart..
Life “IS” short by GOD’S great standards.. keep this in perspective..
While living out your life on earth.. consider first.. then be selective..

CC: November 26, 2006

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