Rapture Imminent

Rapture Imminent

I say this with conviction.
This world doesn’t have much time left…
Don’t scoff at this prediction.

Matthew twenty four outlines the coming season.
JESUS tells us, what will be …
HE told us, for a reason.

You may think that this is a warning …
and it certainly “is”.
But I didn’t make this stuff up…
The warnings in the book are HIS.

JESUS said there would be wars…
famines…and pestilences.
All of these are happening “now”
and reducing numbered census.

HE told us earthquakes would increase
and they would be in “diverse” places.
We hear about them every day…
at ever quickening paces.

There are other dire predictions
In that chapter CHRIST has stated.
I doubt that you… could read them all,
and then… not be… persuaded.

CHRIST said when you see “ALL” these things take place together,
that the time is “Not Yet.”
HE said it is the beginning of sorrows.
But the end is near… you can bet.

So take a look around you, then read what’s written here.
There’s soon to be an end of things…
of all things we hold dear.

These words you read, you may have doubt…
and think that “you” don’t need it.
But I assure you, by HIS word…
You really ought to “heed it”.

It’s difficult to convey GOD’s words
about this troubled time…
and correlate HIS perfect WORD
into some type of rhyme.

The whole of this is to “encourage”
…the “point”… is that we care.
Just how much time… till it occurs…
there’s no one “here” aware.

HE offers you salvation…
I hope this poem speaks “TO” you.
Don’t put it off… and hear those words…

C.C. ©January 2, 2006


Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.
Mark 13:33

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