At Any Cost

At Any Cost

If you could pay your way to Heaven
how much would you give?
How much would you surrender
to retain your life and live?

The thought of burning in the pits
could also be dispelled
Just by giving treasures
your punishment be quelled.

Maybe you could borrow funds,
a bank might grant a loan.
If your credit ratings satisfactory
you could simply phone.

Money is no object
no price would be too great.
You must pay the piper
before it grows too late.

But “IF” your funds were not enough
finding yourself lacking…
How on earth could you convince
someone with the backing?

Would they trust you for the loan?
How could you repay?
Would they grant you credit
when they knew you’d go away?

The truth be known, no one here
would give you one red cent.
How would they retrieve their funds
knowing where you’ve went?

You can’t charge it on your cards;
your limit is exceeded.
All the cash that you may have
is much less than you’ve needed.

What then can you do to live?
How could you pay the cost?
All your opportunities
it seems are all but lost.

Payment of the worldly kind
could never pay the debt.
There is no price for your salvation
by funds that could be met.

Payment has been made “in full”
Your Pardon is obtained.
Your record now is spotless clean
where it once was stained.

In order to receive this gift
you must confess your sin.
JESUS CHRIST will welcome you
and will invite you in.

It really is that simple,
The Gospel means “good news”.
JESUS died for all your sins
HE has paid your dues.

Ask HIM to forgive you now
HE has paid your fare.
That’s the only way you’ll live
and receive a share.

©CC: January 24, 2008

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans 10:9

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