SPEAK UP! (Tell others the Good News!)


One day we will leave this earth…
It’s doubtful we’ll know when.
Some friends we’ve met, and loved in life
we’ll never see again.

Many of the population
think “they” are going too.
Sadly they will realize…
this simply isn’t true.

You must be “born again” CHRIST said,
if you’re to be included.
Those who chose to reject HIM
are most certainly precluded.

When your last breath is taken here…
Natural causes … or by sword …
When you’re absent from the body,
you’ll be present with the LORD.

When we leave here, our next stop
is one of two known places.
Let’s hope we see our friends and family’s
happy “smiling” faces.

If you know our SAVIOUR
and have asked HIM in your life…
You can rest assured my friend,
“you’re” not in for strife.

JESUS told us many times
to tell “all”of His grace.
You must first know JESUS
to reach the proper place.

Why be selfish of the blessings
JESUS gave to you?
Don’t your friends and family
deserve a place there too?

If you fail to caution them
to alter their behaviour,
They won’t know the saving grace
of our precious SAVIOUR.

GOD has told us many times
we’re to warn the”unruly”.
I’ve been saved because of that…
someone warned ” yours truly”.

There’s precious little time left here
to warn those of their plight.
JESUS said HE’D come back soon…
to some a major fright.

Tell your family… and your friends…
it’s time for their repentance.
To “Not” know JESUS they will perish…
that will be their sentence.

“These” are the last days my friend,
you’re living them right “now”.
You can lead your friends to safety,
and you’ve been told “how”.

Tell them of LORD JESUS
and of HIS righteous path.
If you keep silent… they may perish…
they’ll receive GOD’S wrath.

© C.C. October 5, 2007


So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

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