Our final days upon this earth
are quickly drawing near.
Some of us are leaving soon
when JESUS will appear.

Use your time here wisely,
the time that you’ve still got.
JESUS said HE’S coming back
at a time when you think not.

If you have a vision
or if you’ve made your plan
I suggest that you commence
get started while you can.

Times are tough, and growing tougher
with each passing day.
You can be successful, still…
our GOD will make a way.

Our purpose here, not always clear
is sometimes most uncertain.
We should strive to do our best
before the final curtain.

The best of plans that men have made
quite often will derail.
We should keep in mind we serve
a GOD that cannot fail.

High prices, and a lack of work
are causing all much stress.
This country has a lot of problems;
we created our own mess.

Candidates are promising better days
if “they’re” elected.
In truth, it doesn’t matter…
they “all” should be rejected.

The situation that we have
was caused by our selection.
We have chosen to ignore
our GOD by our rejection.

GOD will judge all nations
that refuse to go HIS way.
Evil thrones will topple
and they’ll fall in just one day.

We the children of our GOD
may suffer since we’re here.
We can look for harder times
as that day draws near.

GOD said that HE’LL separate
the tare from the good wheat.
That’s when we will all appear…
before HIS judgment seat.

© CC May 27, 2008

Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.
Mark 13:33

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