Blow the Trumpet, Warn the People!

Blow the Trumpet, Warn the People!

The purpose of this poem is not to “SCARE” you
It’s purpose should be known it’s to “PREPARE” you.

We’ve all seen a “warning label”
on things that we may try.
We see them there so often
that we just pass them by.

The messages do vary
there’s so many different types.
From steam irons, to our cookware
and even handi-wipes.

A warning of impending harm…
Be careful…Surface Hot.
Then if you still touch it
You’ll deserve what you just got.

The warnings are “here”
and it’s up to “YOU” to heed them.
The signs are all around us now,
you simply have to read them.

There are dire events occurring
in the Middle East.
They are moving towards disaster
at the very least.

You may not pay attention
to the T.V. news that’s aired.
GOD has given us fair warnings
so we can be prepared.

Iran is going “Nuclear”…
the State of Israel’s number one fear.
There’s little anyone can do about it
that fact, is quite clear.

Iran has vowed to kill the Jews
and wipe them from the earth.
So as you read this message
take it, for what it’s worth.

These events are spoken of
throughout the Bible verses.
The nuclear catastrophe
will unfold as it disperses.

Nations will rise up against Nations
that prediction has been made.
The evil plans of evil men, will be carried out
they will not fade.

The “trumpet” of warning in Ezekiel
has been blown…it is beginning!
It should be understood by all
that they have no chance of winning.

GOD HIMSELF will fight for Israel…
This, HE has long stated.
Any chance the enemy may have
has been much overrated.

As these events are taking place
the stage is being set.
There’s little time till it occurs,
the righteous shouldn’t fret.

We also read in HIS book,
When you see these things occurring…
Look Up, Your Redemption Draweth Nigh.
This is most assuring.

A question we should ask ourselves
as we see “That Day” approach…
Have you accepted JESUS?
In HIS salvation, none can encroach.

Also in First Thessalonians GOD said,
HE has not appointed us to wrath.
That means that WE are leaving here…
You can do the math.

The “RAPTURE” is the great event
we should look forward to.
It means that we are “Out of Here”…
that is… if you’ve been true.

If you still have sin in your life
It’s time to end it NOW!!
Don’t tarry when it comes to GOD
or the blessing’s HE’LL endow.

After our departure,
there will be millions left behind.
They’ll search for us both high and low
but not one they will find.

Be grateful for the blessing.
YOU may “see” this great event.
If you’re not ready for the flight
I suggest that you repent.

You’ve just heard a “trumpet”
there’s many note’s that have been blown.
Our great departure is imminent…
just the date we leave’s unknown.

We should make our preparations
for the time when we all flee here.
If you fail to prepare… you should be aware…
You wouldn’t want to be here.

To warn of impending peril, we have an answer…
it’s to allow us to be “prepared”.
To alarm without an answer
can be construed as being “scared”.

C.C. ©January 29, 2006

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