Some signs just inform us,
others warn of some destruction.

There’s signs with just a picture
that you don’t have to read.
The pictures are so graphic
you need not read, to heed.

If you can find a sign to read,
you can complete your quest.

We should give our full attention
to the message on the sign.
Most are advertisements
but others guide you by design.

All the signs that I have mentioned
can assist to some degree.
There are “Other” signs occurring
that concern both you and me.

How about the great Tsunami,
which happened in the East.
A cataclysmic “major” disaster
to say the very least.

The crisis in the weather
brought by Global warming;
Avalanches, Major floods,
and pestilences swarming.

All these things by themselves
are just a common threat.
But it’s happening all together
and they’re not over yet.

The Earthquakes which occur throughout,
a staggering amount.
Almost occurring daily…
so many, I’ve lost count.

Unwholesome, suggestive images
flash upon our T.V. screen.
It’s not family entertainment
and it borders on obscene.

Crooked Politicians,
corrupt in things they do,
Voting on the policies
that affect both me and you.

Escalating interest…
gasoline at highest prices.
Job declines in our own country,
causing major crisis.

Military powers,
assembling all their might…
Preparing for the battle,
all a major fright.

Nations posturing for war…
the rattling of the saber.
Others plan protective measures
busily they labor.

Russia has proclaimed intentions;
Iran they will protect.
Not concerned of Israel
or resistance they project.

Shortages of water…
many States are in a drought.
Only small reserves are left…
soon they will be out.

Conditions aren’t favorable,
the dryness will go on.
There is no rainfall forecasted;
the water will be gone.

Wildfires rage without control,
untolled trees consumed.
Homeowners stand by helpless
knowing their home’s doomed.

So many fires occur at once,
their pace of progress brutal.
Efforts to extinguish them,
heroic… but all futile.

Religious themes are held aloft…
one is greatly lauded.
Some are much more militant,
others not applauded.

Unreported incidents which cloak
and twist the facts…
We’re told everything’s alright
and that we should relax.

Inclement weather wreaking havoc,
destruction everywhere.
There is no place that is safe;
all States have their share.

Economic crisis patterns
slows our Nations growing.
Speculation running rampant;
where is this Country going?

Interest rates at all time lows…
Dollar value faded.
Information that we read…
you can bet its jaded.

There’s many types and forms of signs,
I only touched upon a few.
Biblical Prophecy’s fulfilled
should more than interest you.

The “End Times” are upon us,
don’t be caught here unaware.
There’s little time to set things straight,
so little time to spare.

JESUS said in Matthew
that these things would be occurring.
HE also told us to “Look Up”
which I find most assuring.

“When you see all things occurring,
Look Up… your redemption draweth nigh”.
That means my friend, HE’s coming Back!!!
We’ll meet HIM in the sky.

The signs are all about us,
it’s not hard not to see the trend.
As foretold in the Bible
It’s nearing the “Time of the End”.

I don’t mean the end of the earth,
“For the Earth Abideth Forever”.
I’m speaking of the end of the “age”;
life can still endeavor.

The telling signs are all among us
in each direction that I look.
But the one’s I deem most important,
are found within HIS BOOK.

They’re happening!! Just look around.
You just cannot ignore it.
If you’re not ready when we all leave,
I know that you’ll abhor it.

This is no dress rehearsal.
We’ll only get one shot at this.
The one event that’s coming up
You don’t want to miss.

You know what I refer you to,
I don’t have to spell it out.
We’re Heaven bound with our LORD JESUS…
of that I have no doubt!

©C.C. February 8, 2006
Updated:February 11, 2008

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