Feel Good Sermons

Feel Good Sermons

Most sermons I’ve heard lately
could be described the “Feel-Good” type.
They tend to tell us not to “worry”…
why don’t they can the “hype”?

Why not speak the truth to us,
that everything is NOT all well?
Most of us should be concerned…
we could drop right into Hell.

So look those “feel-good” sermons over well…
don’t go for all you’re told.
Feeling “good” about yourself is fine,
But don’t let your fire grow cold.

JESUS spoke of Hell quite often…
so I’m convinced it’s a “real” place.
Remember what we do to go there,
then stop it!! And do an “about face.”

The devil’s real, and he hate’s you!!
Don’t miss this for a minute.
He’d like to see you there in Hell,
and keep you down there in it.

Satan plays us like a fish,
that’s caught upon his line…
He lets us run… and have our way…
thinking everything’s just fine.

So we run and visit with our sins,
without a second look.
But then he tightens up the line…
and sets his deadly hook.

Before we realized… we are “caught”
and are products of his venue.
Our souls are filthy, with our sins…
and then we’re on his menu.

The devil carefully set his traps…
to ensnare our souls with sin.
He tempts us in our secret ways…
and we invite him in.

It may be you’re a married man,
flirting with another lady.
In public you appear upstanding…
in private… you’re quite shady.

You think adultery’s no big deal…
no ones hurt… no need to pout.
You should consider this scripture;
“surely, your sins shall find you out”.

There’s nothing that can save you,
if you choose to turn away.
Believe me sir… one way or another…
“You” are going to pay.

Lying, coveting, cheating, stealing…
they’re not terms we like to hear.
Especially if we’re the one’s performing,
those sins that we should fear.

While reading this, you start to squirm…
and feel a little queasy.
Don’t blame me… it’s all “your” doing…
the sin comes to us easy.

I’ve learned that GOD dispenses justice.
HE renders sure and swift…
HE recompenses, our offences,
if from HIS WORD we drift.

The gates of Heaven will be closed…
that’s the price you pay for sin.
The gates of Hell flung wide open…
and they will drag you in.

First John .. One .. Verse’s six.. through ten…
says “We should walk in the light.”
It states the blood of JESUS cleans us from all sin,
but we still have to “get right.”

It also says, “we should confess our sins
and ourselves we should not deceive.
Verse ten sums it up; We shouldn’t lie.
If the truths not in us… we can’t receive.

Most preachers teach of pleasant things
and suggest that we “rejoice.”
They don’t admonish of our sins,
or that we should make the proper choice.

Their reasons are pretty obvious …
if they told us some “bad news”…
You can bet the next weeks Sunday service,
would result in empty “pews.”

I’ve tried to make this poem a “Sermon”
…or at least a fair endeavor.
Just remember… don’t let satan deceive you,
or your lifeline you will sever.

Second Peter..Three ..Verse Twenty
speaks of being entangled, and overcome.
The latter end is worse than the beginning…
that means you’ll pay the total sum.

Why take a chance on missing Heaven,
and continuing in your sin?
You may be planning … just one more time…
and then you’ll pack it in.

It’s dangerous to think like that,
and delay repentance in any way.
Boast not thyself of tomorrow…
You don’t know what can come forth in a day.

There’s other poems, that I’m sure you can find,
that are of lighter fare.
No one likes to hear bad news;
most of us, have had our share.

But if a “Preacher” doesn’t tell you,
about the hellfire dangers lurking…
Then be grateful for this poetry,
because we’re praying and … it’s working.

C.C. ©January 16, 2006

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