AMERICA My Only Home!

AMERICA My Only Home!

What is our best defense against
the terrorists in our land?
Is there anything we should do
to keep the upper hand?

We’ve kept our Country open
to let them enter in who will,
Because of this the enemy’s
started their assault to maim and kill.

It’s sad we’ve unseen enemies
now among us to do harm.
We don’t know who they are,
so we can’t sound an alarm.

We suspect the stranger
who wears a turban headdress.
Yet they tell us they’re friendly…
a thought we must address.

If you want to live in THIS our country,
I believe we should “insist”;
You must in good faith “assimilate” to us,
and no other claim exist.

THEN we must treat them all as equal,
regardless of origin or creed.
But we should INSIST they be AMERICAN…

There can’t be divided allegiance HERE.
We’ve room for just ONE FLAG.
That flag is the “Stars and Stripes” of America.
No Others should you wag.

If you claim to be American,
but you claim you’re something else too (!!)
Then you’re really NOT an American…
to THIS country you should be true!

Our ONE language here is ENGLISH,
spoken here for hundreds of years.
We don’t need other flags or language’s…
We’ll keep our OWN as it appears.

Your SOLE Loyalty should be to AMERICA,
and the Republic for which is stands.
If you can’t abide by these our rules,
then “go on back to your own lands”.

This doesn’t make us Bigot’s,
and I’m not “anti-immigration”.
I simply state “If You ‘Live Here’…
You Should Honor OUR OWN NATION”.

We don’t have “another country”
that we have left to move in here.
We just have THIS ONE…
and everything about it… We Hold Dear!!!

And I will stick with it to the end.
To do any less, is to dishonor the Men
and Women who died to defend.

Don’t wave your foreign flag at us,
or threaten “boycott” of our stores.
You’ve got a choice to make my friend…
it’s US or “your” own shores.

Do you “want” to be an AMERICAN?
Then pledge your loyalty to US!!
If you’d rather not, You’re Free to LEAVE!!
Board a plane, take a boat, or a bus.

© C.C. April 8, 2006

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