Direction of this countries course,
determined by their vote.
Our strenuous objections weren’t heeded,
voiced or wrote.


Politicians now in power
push agendas of their “own”.
Corruption in the highest places,
have increased and grown.


How will the people make a difference?
Who will hear our voice?
It seems that there is precious
little difference in our choice.


Both parties say they’re “for” the people
and vote with “us” in mind.
Yet when it comes to votes for “us”
a sponsor we can’t find.


One party stands by idle
while the other ruins our land.
Then they strike a pose and say
“it’s time we took a stand”.


Where were they when evil plans
were forged ahead with glee?
They would disavow the blame
proclaiming, “it wasn’t me!”


It’s time we took a stand ourselves
and vote for “honest” men.
With evil politicians gone
then…. we can begin.


Find a representative…
that isn’t bound by greed.
Pick a candidate to serve
the common peoples need.


It’s time for a decision,
to be a “stand up” generation.
If we don’t stop their evil now
we may lose our Nation.


There are evil plans for us…
designed to bring US down.
We should act immediately
while good men can be found.


I for one have made the choice
to vote incumbents out.
It may not be so easy…
for they’re ready for the rout.


Take a stand… don’t delay,
it’s time you’ve had a choice.
Let’s clean house… and start again.
It’s time we had a voice.


©CC: May 29, 2010

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