Please believe me when I say
You corrupt will rue the day
You treated us… as if we were your servant!!

All our plea’s you have ignored
All our questions, unexplored
You assume… that we… are non observant.

We have watched what you have done
As our own liberties, you shun
Your elitist ways.. are most.. transparent.

We’ll not let this thing endure
For your lack, there is a cure
Come election day it soon… will be apparent.

Out with the old, and in with the new
You’ll all receive, what is coming to you
Most of you, will suffer wide deployment.

We’ll not let your evils pass
All the citizens will mass
We “will” applaud your widespread unemployment.

You were positioned there to “serve us”
Yet you do us all, disservice
You’ve failed to meet the oath that you have sworn.

We’ll replace the crooked tyrants
We’ll exhibit self reliance
Repairing then our Nation… which is torn.

Election day, is ever nearing
That’s when you’ll “ALL” be hearing
Results just in… and you’re on… your way “OUT”!

You will see this Nations “might”
When we band to make things right
THEN we’ll see… just WHO has all the clout.

©CC: August 24, 2009

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