Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl
There are lots of Father’s out there
and I’m sure they can relate,
But just in case there’s not one near you
let me illustrate.
Most Father’s when their child is born
are hoping for a Son.
So “he” can carry on his “name”
when his day’s here are done.

“My” child was a female…
a sweet little girl with big blue eyes.
The expression on her little face
was one as of perpetual surprise.
Her hair was blonde… and very fine…
with a little wave there showing.
I made a mental note that day…
(I hope her hair keeps growing.)

It did of course… and turned to gold
and then whiter than a sheet.
I thought that it was kinda cool
she wore it… short… and neat.
We dressed her mostly in tops and jeans
because she played so hard,
as she grew up in Osteen
where she had a ten acre yard.

I watched her grow to greater heights
almost monthly it would seem.
She fed the animals on the place.
She and her Mom made up that team.
My job took me away from home.
I would drive mile upon mile.
But when I got home,
I’d see her there…
usually wearing a big smile.

Some memories I still retain
you may deem “silly” if you “saw”.
Like when she had a coke to drink
and needed a shorter straw.
I’d trim hers with my buck knife
about six inches long.
Then she could “reach” her coke now…
it wasn’t there for long.

When she began to go to school
I drove her in… we rode together.
The trip was always lots of fun
in any kind of weather.
She had a little problem reading,
we were told she should read “aloud”.
So she read to me on the way to work
and she was really very proud.

After a few weeks of this,
I could “quote” most of them… verbatim.
I don’t remember all of them.
I hoped I wouldn’t grow to hate em.
Her reading problem didn’t last
and she improved by leaps and bounds.
And after work I would pick her up at daycare,
near the school grounds.

I could go on and on about this child,
but now she’s fully grown.
She’s quite a happy lady now,
with a good husband of her own.
Someday perhaps, when their photo albums they’ll unfurl
There may be a few pictures there
of Daddy’s little girl.
C.C. ©January 22, 2006

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