Stranger In Town

Stranger In Town

Gold-Strike news first got up North,
In eighteen forty nine
Thousands traveled to the West,
In search of their own mine.

They ranged in age
from fourteen to older,
Some apprehensive …
some were much bolder.

They dug in the mountains,
And seined in the streams.
Each of the miners
Worked hard for their dreams.

Some couldn’t last
and to simply survive,
took local jobs,
just to keep self alive.

A young lad named Tommy
who spent all he had,
had promised his Sweetheart,
his Mom and his Dad…

…I’ll make my fortune,
and with Gold I’ll return…
you just wait and see,
I’ll have money to burn.

But Tom’s rations dwindled
and all was gone soon,
and to keep himself fed,
swept and cleaned, a saloon.

This went on for some time.
Tom was saddened by this.
He missed his whole family…
his sweethearts soft kiss.

He couldn’t go home
without bringing some cash.
He sure wouldn’t tell them,
that to live … he hauled trash.

So he’d wait till the spring
and with a grubstake
he’d mine once again,
and his fortune he’d make.

But no one would give him
the money he needed,
no matter how much
Tommy begged and had pleaded.

After a time,
Tommy just gave up trying,
after all… no one cared
if he was alive, or was dying.

Tommy’s Mom, Margaret
and his father, Jim,
were praying each day
that God watch over him.

Please bring Tommy home
Margaret prayed with a tear…
I’m sure Tom don’t know
how much he’s missed here.

We’d much rather have
our son back in the fold
than all he could carry
of his hunted gold.

But Spring turned to Summer
and then into fall…
still they heard nothing,
no … nothing at all.

Tom had grown weary,
he could barely forbear.
His life was a wreck
and He was filled with despair.

Then one boisterous evening,
the saloon was packed tight…
three deep at the bar,
they drank thru the night.

The front doors swung open,
And all there did gape…
A tall muscled man
walked in with a cape.

The stranger surveyed
the entire noisy place.
His face was clean shaven,
he seemed out of place.

He walked straight to Tommy,
sweeping floors in the rear.
He said, get your things…
You’re through working here.

Tommy obeyed,
but he didn’t know why.
He thought it must be…
That firm look in his eye.

As Tom and the Stranger
made their way to the door,
a group of the miners,
blocked the way… three, then four.

One of them spoke
with a low guttural snarl…
you just bought some trouble…
my name’s Bulldog Carl.

I’m hired as a bouncer
to deal with all your kind,
and Tommy’s staying here…
cause cheap helps hard to find.

No one had noticed
the club that Carl branded.
He swung at the stranger
but not a blow landed.

A loud smack then resounded
and Carl could only stare…
the stranger held the evil club…
He had caught it in mid air.

Another man behind Carl,
had pulled a shiney blade
and tried to stab the stranger…
you could tell he was afraid.

The stranger grabbed him, by his wrist,
and threw him to the floor.
The knife now gone…
the man Then said,
Please sir… please no more.

Still two others joined the fray,
and charged him with their might.
The stranger simply stepped aside
as they fell… left, and right.

With three men pummeled, down and out,
Bulldog Carl stood gaping,
as Tommy and the stranger,
walked through the door… cape draping.

When they had reached a clearing
the stranger said to Tom,
here Tom … take this money
and go home to your Mom.

Tom was filled with gratitude,
and tears shone on his face…
at how the stranger battled,
to save him from that place.

For Tommy thought he’d perish…
in that dismal sinful den,
and never see the faces,
of his loved ones…once again.

I don’t know how to thank you …
I am grateful through, and through.
When Becky and I marry,
I will name my son for you.

The stranger slightly nodded,
This great tribute you gave me,
You may call your FIRST son Michael…
You and Becky will have three.

Tommy heard a sound behind him,
a rustling softly neared,
and as he turned around…
The stranger disappeared.

©C.C. December 9, 2005

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” – Hebrews 13:2

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” – James 5:16

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

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