Generic Christmas Greetings

Generic Christmas Greetings


Seasons Greetings?  I think NOT.
There is SOMEONE they forgot.
Merry Christmas is the proper phrase.


CHRIST our LORD is celebrated.
Not some “season” relegated.
Politically correct… a worldly phase.


Another term, that merchants say…
Have a “happy holiday”.
What’s the point if they are led astray?


I don’t care if “they’re” offended.
This has to stop… or be upended.
GOD HIMSELF is honored on that day.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! is the phrase.
GOD’S OWN SON… deserves our praise.
Any other term… will just… not do!


HE’S the reason for the season!
Not shopping sprees… without good reason.
Merchants hope that we will take the cue.


“Generic” phrases… are abundant.
Their constant use… is quite redundant.
So, MERRY CHRISTMAS! from us unto you!


©CC: December 10, 2010

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