Smoke and Mirrors

America our once proud country,
is sinking in the mire.
What will it take to wake us up
and stimulate our ire?

The apathy that's now in place
is nurtured by our foes.
They hope by entertaining us
to add to our repose.

Wide screen TV's, Sports galore,
music everywhere.
Even out in traffic,
you can't escape its blare.

The "media" promotes the feeling
everythings o.k.
They'll tell us of the "Big Game" coming;
"thrills" are on the way.

Yet topics that concern this world
routinely are ignored.
Events that will affect our lives
rarely are explored.

The media does poorly...
our own ignorance is their goal.
By doing this, the questions raised...
whatever is their role?

Don't reporters "get it"?
Are they that far out of touch?
Do they have an agenda to not tell us all...
too much?

Why not mention scandals?
And corruption that's uncovered?
Why withhold affiliations,
when complicity's discovered?

Americans "deserve" the truth;
"Smoke and mirrors" won't suffice!!
Speak and write the truth in fact
is always good advice.

What will it take to turn the tide?
How can... the truth prevail?
We can start, by putting "all"...
corrupt officials... in a jail.

This countries freedoms are at risk...
Americans should "rise"!
Don't let the evil forces
take our Nation as their prize.

I'm not advocating that we violently oppose.
Allegiance should be DEMONSTRATED
by those we have chose!!!

Tell those who "represent" us
of your own, disapprovals.
If they lack in their response
it's time for their... removals.

If you "are" Americans
you shouldn't even have to ask.
You should "stand" for all the freedoms
in which we all bask!!

To live free in this country
should be worth what we'll endure.
Putting it all "out there"
is for sure, the only cure.

Stand up, and be counted.
Don't sit back on your duff.
Look around at what's occurring...
enough should be "enough"!!

©CC September 21, 2009

"It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains." - Patrick Henry, Founding Father

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